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Indus Tooling

Our Mission & Values

At Indus Tooling Solutions we have one goal - To deliver ultimate machining solutions to our customers for increasing their productivity and profitability.

8 years of experience with our intense focus on application engineering and our passionate learning habit imparted us knowledge, which gives us high level of understanding of customers and their needs, and that gives us an edge to deliver the ultimate machining solutions to our customers, which surely ensures practical results giving them reduction in their production costs and increase in their productivity and profitability.

We have successfully conducted many customer training seminars, for technical training of their process & tool engineers as well as CNC shop supervisors and machine operators. It helped them, realize their full potential and lead them in effective utilization of the tools, optimizations of their production processes and also highlight them, the key areas to focus- for increasing their productivity and profitability.

We have established effective and efficient inventory management and logistics system, which enhance the reliability of supplies and ensure excellent customer service.

We are fortunate to win ongoing patronage and trust of our valued customers, and that inspires us to constantly enhance our customer’s experience of doing business with us.

We believe and practice:

  • Getting associated with the world leaders in the field & deliver ultimate machining solutions to the customers to increase their productivity & profitability.
  • Close association with business partners.
  • Un-compromising customer service.
  • Commit what can be honored & fulfill all commitments.
  • Constantly upgrade our knowledge and resources for continual self-improvement and personal excellence.
  • Respect and concern for individuals.
  • People are the best asset, treat them well.
  • Absolute honesty, integrity, openness, accountability & ethics in all aspects of business.

Industries we cater to